SBI Ladies club is an informal, non-profit organisation where wives of the officials as well as lady officers congregate & undertake various philanthrophic activities.

Like SBI, SBI Ladies club is present in practically every location in the country from small cities and villages to the most modern megalopolis. The Kolkata Chapter is operating from 1982, had been a very enterprising one since its inception.

To achieve the goals, ladies club is associated with number of NGOs engaged in alleviating the sufferings of the under-privileged.

The members of the club meet at least once in a month to discuss various social issues and also to organize cultural programmes. All festivals are celebrated with great enthusiasm and zeal.

Aware of the sufferings of many around us, the club would continue to strive to take up new services to the society and contribute its mite to fellow citizens whose smile would enrich the lives of more fortunate ones as well.

Website is a modest attempt to reach out to our own members as well as to spread awareness about our activities & initiatives.

We welcome your all to our online presence, just to share the various activities i.e. are involved in so as to enable other such large families to come together and attempt what we have been bring to do.