Charity events by SBI Ladies Club Bengal Circle - 2018


9 July, 2018
Charity Event at Nabnir Old Age Home

State Bank Ladies Club Kolkata organised a Charity Event at Nabnir Old Age Home at Chetla.
There are 97 residents at the Home.. Both women as well as men.
A small school is also run on the premises . This is for underprivileged children. After their classes vocational training is given to older students so that they can earn their own livelihood.
As per the requirements advised by Mrs Aloka Ghosh, Superintendent,
The Club offered the following
4 wall fans 12inch.. Crompton brand.
4 LED tubelights
10 9 watt Cfl bulbs
Dry food in the form of Horlicks and Marie Biscuits.

The following members attended the event.
Mrs Vanaja Sivakumar
Mrs Archana Goel
Mrs Meena Yadav
Mrs Priti Jaiswal Secretary
Mrs W Prafulla Treasurer
Mrs K. Shobha.. host for the month.
President Mrs Sharmishtha Sengupta was unable to attend the event.
The members were met by Mrs Sarmishtha Biswas, Secretary of Womens Coordinating Council (WCC) She is in charge of the Home.
The members were received with a lot of warmth. Mrs Biswas expressed her gratitude for the help extended to the Home. She requested Ladies Club Kolkata to continue the association with WCC as well as Nabnir.

The members were taken around ... The dining hall , corridors and rooms were clean. The also met some residents...who greeted them with welcoming smiles...
Saint Mother Theresa has said that no charity is small if it is done with great love..
This is exactly what has been inculcated in each member by our President Mrs Sengupta... We gave with love and it was received with equal measure of love.


15 May, 2018
Charity Event at Prabartak Samgha Home

The members of the Mini Club at Convent Road organised a Charity event at Prabartak Samgha Home at Sector ll, Salt Lake Kolkata.
This is an NGO looking after the mentally handicapped, some suffer from epilepsy, some are speech and hearing impaired....
who are abandoned or orphaned...
These 52 individuals are destitute...
And the NGO gives treatment and care...
Where possible some education and training is also given.
The Convent Road members donated a sum of 25,000 for the children's welfare.
In addition to this the ladies also offered Tiffin boxes,toffees, chips,biscuits and Ladies Kurtis.
The Mini Club has been saving up for a long while and have found a deserving charity indeed.
Needless to say their act has brought smiles to the faces of those marginalized by society..


29 January, 2018
Contribution made to Sarsuna Vivekanand Anudhyaan and Calcutta Rescue

State Bank Ladies Club Kolkata held a Charity event on 29/1/2018.
The event was graced by Smt Reeta Aggarwal , First Lady of SBI .. who is also the Head of all State Bank Ladies Clubs in the country.
The function was also attended by other distinguished guests.. prominent amongst them Smt Rashmi Srivastav who happens to be Ex President of State Bank Ladies Club Kolkata.
Under the able guidance of our President Smt Sarmishtha Sengupta two donee organizations were selected...
Sarsuna Vivekanand Anudhyaan and Calcutta Rescue.
Shri SK Banerjee President of Sarsuna Vivekanand Anudhyaan was felicitated for his untiring efforts to make a positive contribution to the lives of poor and destitute senior citizens in Kolkata. A cheque for Rs. 35000/_ was presented to Shri Banerjee to render small help in this cause...

The NGO - Calcutta Rescue - held a Health Check up Camp in Ronald Shay Road complex... The camp was inaugurated by madam Smt Reeta Aggarwal.
This NGO takes care of medical and other needs of women whose means are below the Poverty Line...20 such women attended the camp along with their infants and small children...
The function was enhanced by very inspiring speeches by Smt Aggarwal ,
Smt Sengupta, Shri Banerjee and Shri Chakraborty, the CEO of Calcutta Rescue.
Thanks to the encouraging words by dignitaries, the Ladies Club Kolkata strengthens its commitment to keep contributing to charity work.
The event was followed by lunch... Lunch packets we're thoughtfully arranged for the women attending the camp and Calcutta Rescue staff.....


13 January, 2018
Contribution made to Niharkana Rehabilitation Center

It is said that its the ordinary persons who do extraordinary things...

On 13th January 2018, our Club organized a charity event at Ronald Shay Road complex, under the guidance of our President Sarmistha madam ...

An extraordinary lady Mrs Kanta Chakraborty who runs the Niharkana Rehabilitation Center was invited for her great contribution to cause of orphan girls......

Kanta di looks after 20 orphan girls at DumDum Railway station. She started it in 2007 with 5 girls .... She received help from unexpected quarters... The Hawker's Association provided their room where the girls started living...
The requirements of food clothing and shelter are met with help from family friends neighbours and other individuals, associations and institutions.

While Kanta di started alone she has since been joined by many in her march to the cause of helping these orphan children....

This is a story of a woman's determination to make a positive contribution to the lives of the girls under her care... She has faced the problems with true grit and has emerged as a pillar of strength for the girls... And a true inspiration for everyone.... We were honoured to host her and some of the girls.



Charity events by SBI Ladies Club Bengal Circle - 2017


8 October, 2017
Donation made to Sarsuna Vivekananda Anudhyan

Mrs Sarmistha Sengupta, the President of the Ladies Club accompanied by Mrs Meena Yadav, Mrs Vanaja S, Mrs Priti Jaiswal and Mrs Pratima Das participated in a charity event of Sarsuna Vivekanand Anudhyan. They provide monthly rations and medical help to 120 old people.

Ma'am donated a cheque for Rs 10,000 on behalf of the Ladies Club, Kolkata.


11 August, 2017
Helping our helpers

In a simple function held on the morning of 10th inst. the staff of the bank house was gifted an Umbrella and a bottle of fruit juice by the President of the Ladies club, Mrs Sarmistha Sengupta.

A similar event was organised in the premises of the Ronaldshay colony on 11th morning, where again, Umbrellas and fruit juice was gifted to all the House keeping and other support staff who work there. Once in a year they are given umbrellas during the rainy season every year. And in the month of January, for Makar Sankranti, they are all given the traditional Rice and Dal and Til as gift.
This is a token in appreciation of the work they do for us. Tarun da had suffered a stroke and was incapacitated for a long time. Residents of the Ronaldshay colony contributed cash in order to help him out.

Also, earlier in the month, three of our Club members, Mrs Vandana Sahay, Mrs Prafulla Rao and Mrs Shobha Kada visited the ladies of the old age home run by the All Bengal Women's Union at 89 Elliot Road and spent some time with them. They had organised some games to entertain the ladies and also gave away prizes to the winners if the games. This did put smiles on their faces. The ladies want us to visit them as often as we can.


18 May, 2017
Donation made to the Old Age home of the All Bengal Women's Union

SBI chairperson, Mrs Arundhati Bhattacharya, began the completion of the annual accounts work with CSR activity today morning.
In a simple function held at the SBI colony at Alipore, in the presence of many senior officials and the wives of MDs and DMDs and the CGM, Kolkata circle and the President of the ladies Club Kolkata, Mrs Sarmistha Sengupta, the President of the All Bengal Women's Union, Mrs Ratna Sen accepted 15 ceiling fans for their Old Age home and Rs 25000 towards the medical expenses of the ladies of their Old Age home.
This organisation was started as a home for all unfortunate and uncared for women in distress. The home provides them not just with food and shelter but helps them lead happy and normal lives.
The All Bengal Women's Union has grown in scope and size. They provide educational and vocational training together with health and counseling services and income generation by weaving, embroidery, Block printing, tailoring, bakery and canteen management plus more.
We wish them the very best for the future and thank them for giving us a chance to become associated with them.

We were happy to host the other dignitaries from the Mumbai office who could grace the occasion today. The names need special mention here: Apart from the SBI Chairperson, Mrs Arundhati Bhattacharya, we had the pleasure of the company of Mrs Reeta Agarwal, w/o Shri Rajnish Kumar, Mrs Anita Khara w/o of Shri Dinesh Khara, Mrs Sudha Rai w/o Shri Pushpendra Rai (Director), Mrs Rashmi Srivastava w/o Shri Sunil Srivastava, Mrs Urmila Mishra w/o Shri Mritunjaya Mahapatra, Mrs Mitra Mahapatra w/o Shri Pallav Mahapatra, Smt Ansula Kant DMD CFO, Smt Manju Aggarwal DMD DB&NB, Smt Veenu Arora w/o Shri Rajesh Kumar, Smt Anupama Durekha w/o Shri Anupam Durekha, Smt Manju Sharma Balakani and last but not the least The Chief General Manager of Kolkata Circle Shri Partha Pratim Sengupta and Mrs Sarmistha Sengupta, the president of the SBI Ladies' Club Kolkata.


7 April, 2017
Social work by Salt lake mini Club In Chingrighata

Members of the Salt lake mini club had organised a charity event in Sukantanagar in Chingrighata where they gave away books and Colouring pencils and some snacks and clothes to needy children.


18 March, 2017
Donation for repair of sweet water pond in Sundarbans

A project of Seed Welfare Society, Emmanuel Hostel, which is home to eighty destitute children, needed to repair the sweet water pond from which they draw water for all of their needs. Earlier even drinking water was provided by the water stored in the pond but now their is supply of drinking water by the Government.
Eight members of the mini club of convent road went to Gosaba in the Sunderbans and Mitra Sen handed over a cheque of Rs 30,000 to Rev. Naskar who is the founder and backbone of the institution he runs.
Many fishermen lose their lives to man eater tigers in the Sunderbans. Frequent floods are also a cause of great concern in that area. Responsible members of society need to come forward to help fellow human beings and Ladies' club has done a good job!


17 March, 2017
Gifted Water Purifier and Iron filter to Asha Niketan

As yet another act of social work by The Ladies' Club, an Aqua Guard and Iron filter were installed at the Adibari Center of Asha Niketan in Tangra , Kolkata.

Mrs Sarmistha Sengupta, President of the Ladies' Club made the donation at a simple function held at Asha Niketan.

The Premises at Tangra, Kolkata takes care of 106 mentally disabled children and adults. There are residents as well as day care students who spend their time at Asha Niketan from 9 am to 5 pm starting their day with meditation, they indulge in educative, creative and social activities. For adults there are workshops where they produce wall hangings, greeting cards and candles, purses etc to be sold for the purpose of generating some revenue.

The Water purifier was installed immediately. The members of Asha Niketan entertained the guests with their songs and dances. The Ladies also gifted the members with some fruits and snacks. The ceremony ended with tea and refreshments.


02 March, 2017
Health Camp

Under the guidance of our President, Mrs Sarmistha Sengupta,Ladies club Kolkata organised a highly successful free health check up camp for the housekeeping and other support staff of Bank House and Ronaldshay campus on 1st of March. Our esteemed doctors,Dr Prabir Biswas and Dr Radhika, were this time joined by Dr Nidhi Prakash, a nutritionist and diabetes counsellor, who provided valuable advice to the participants regarding a healthy diet and lifestyle. Sugar testing and ECG facilities were provided on spot and free medicines were also distributed. Thanks to the LHO for providing the medicines for the Camp.

For the first time, a free eye checkup camp held by Lawrence and Mayo, was also held simultaneously, in which scientific eye testing was done and glasses were offered at discounted prices.

Both the camps received an overwhelming response and appreciation... thanks to the well established traditions of Ladies Club Kolkata, we continue to discover ourselves and the joys of giving.


13 January, 2017
Makar Sankranti tradition

The President of the Ladies' club, Mrs Sarmistha Sengupta, continued with the tradition of Makar Sankranti 'daan' done customarily by householders on the occasion.

A small function was organised at the Officers' colony at Ronaldshay, Alipore as is done every year. All the housekeeping staff is given the rice and dal and a packet of till laddoos to all the house keeping staff at the Bank Quarters for GMs and DGMs.


Charity events by SBI Ladies Club Bengal Circle - 2016


11 November, 2016
Tejaswini Revisited

Under the leadership of our new President Mrs Sarmistha Sengupta, Ladies Club Kolkata donated mattresses and pillows for the children of Tejaswini, Red Plus Society at 22 Baghajatin station road. This was our second donation to this organisation.

This place is managed by Dr Sinha, a very quiet and simple but sensitive and dedicated human being. He stands for the have nots, the not so glamorous section of society but plays a very constructive role for the future of our country. The children associated with the project of the Red Plus Society get education in life skills to be able to integrate and participate in society. They also hold annual cultural Programs and sports Day, giving the children a chance to explore and hone their potential talents. Medical camps and community health care projects are also undertaken in rural, remote and tribal areas.
Please visit their website for detailed information about this organisation called Tejaswini.

The members who visited Tejaswini as representatives of the Ladies' Club of Kolkata were entertained by the talented children of the Home. The goody bags distributed by the Club contained biscuits, cakes, juice and chips all of which children find very attractive. The mission was to donate mattresses and pillows for the children of the Home with the hope that this would make their winter comfortable.


01 August, 2016
Charity at the Bank House

All workers/staff of the Bank house were presented with Umbrellas and fruit juice. This Charity work along with the refreshments for the staff was sponsored by Neelam Madam.

The Officers of the Bank who have worked behind the scenes to make the efforts of the Ladies' Club successful, were appreciated and recognized for their work. As a token of Gratitude of the Club, they were honored by Mrs Agarwal and were presented with a small gift.


07 July, 2016
Umbrellas donated at the beginning of Monsoons

At the beginning of the Monsoon season, The Ladies Club, under the leadership of our President Mrs Neelam Agarwal, gifted umbrellas to the working staff of Alipore Campus.
A similar activity was held in the Salt Lake colony of the SBI colony there. They had also donated umbrellas to the staff a few days earlier.
Heavy rains are expected this season and the umbrellas will come in handy for the workers and their family members.


01 June, 2016
Water cooler for Calcutta Medical College hospital

In an unprecedented initiative by the President of SBI ladies' Club, Kolkata, Mrs Neelam Agarwal, today donated an Aquaguard attached to a water cooler to Calcutta Medical College Hospital, one of the largest Hospital in Kolkata. It has been fixed in OPD where maximum number of people can take advantage of the machine. It was Inaugurated by Mrs Agarwal in the presence of other members of the Club, the Principal of the Calcutta Medical College and Nursing staff as well as students.

Under a plantation drive, some saplings were planted in the Hospital campus by the President of the club and other members.The Garden and trees in the hospital campus are already been maintained by SBI Kolkata. As always, a big thanks to SBI who helped with the cooler and took care of the logistics and installation.

Mrs Agarwal and other club members were shown around the Paediatric ward. This Government Hospital provides free medical care and food to patients and are doing great service to humanity.


18 March, 2016
Visit to the Universal Smile charitable trust

The members of the SBI Ladies' Club, Kolkata, under the leadership of its President, Mrs Neelam Agarwal visited this shelter to underprivileged children and donated some things of use to the Home. In the presence of some of the core members of the NGO, the ladies played Holi with the children of Universal Smile and gifted them with sweets and Pichkaris and colours for Holi. Apart from this, A big Gas burner and some big cooking vessels and Rice and Dals and Pulses were also given as donation.
The children who live here have been picked up from the roads and though most were not orphans, they were homeless. Here they get a good environment to study and grow up to be responsible citizens of society. All their potentials get explored and developed at this Home.

The Vision and objectives of the NGO.
UNIVERSAL SMILE© ’s mission is to develop the pathway for under-privileged children living below poverty level in rural regions and to become integral members and leaders in society through quality education. UNIVERSAL SMILE© is committed to cultivating the academic potential of each child through a comprehensive range of opportunities in primary school to prepare students for the next level of education, and to support those efforts through secondary school scholarships. UNIVERSAL SMILE© believes it is every child’s birthright to receive Hope for a better future, Education to grow, unconditional Love, and Protection from disease and illness. UNIVERSAL SMILE© ’s vision is to one day see a world in which children from the most impoverished regions have access to the quality education they need to lift their families, their countries, and themselves out of poverty.
Most importantly, UNIVERSAL SMILE© provides students with the necessary foundation to foster future growth into productive citizens and future leaders.


17th February 2016
Medical Checkup Camp

A Health Checkup Camp was held as a part of the Club's Charity Programme. This is a follow up of last year's medical camp for evaluation and looking at fresh cases. All the housekeepers, drivers, house-helps and members of their families from Bank House, Ronaldshay Convent Road and Salt Lake colonies availed this facility. The health check up was conducted by Dr R Radhika and Dr P Biswas.
The beneficiaries got a general check-up done along with BP and Blood sugar and ECG by the two Doctors. Medicines were distributed free. This was funded by the State Bank of India.


Charity events by SBI Ladies Club Bengal Circle - 2015


14th October 2015
Tejaswini A home for children

Navratra is the time for Devi puja. We took this opportunity and tried to bring some cheer to some orphaned children so that they too could enjoy and feel the festive season like the others.

Ladies' Club members, led by our dynamic President Mrs Neelam Agarwal, visited "Tejaswini" A home for children, who have been either orphans or abandoned. We gifted them new clothes, a pair of new shoes and a bag, some colour pencils, pencil boxes and drawing books and some more stationery items. All the material for donation was sponsored by members of the club, amounting to personal donations according to their wish. Apart from this, old stuff was also donated by ladies which included bed sheets, clothes and woollens. The bags and note books for the children were sponsored by the SBI Life Dhakuria Branch and the SBI branch at Dhakuria had helped us identify the Home for charity.
All the children are in the age group of 9 to 16 years of age and study in different schools. Some girls are very good in studies while others are good at painting and singing and dancing as well. The children put up a great show of talent for us. A drawing/painting competition as well as an essay competition had been organised in which all the children had participated. Judgement and prize distribution of these was done today and three winners received prizes in each of the competitions.

There were some other gifts too that were all handed over to the children and this was followed by a delightful treat was waiting for the children at the end of the program.
Rasgullas, cakes, chocolates, fruits, bread rolls, Puris and subzi etc were immensely enjoyed by the children after all that talent show.

A word about Tejaswini

This home for children who have been either abandoned or orphaned, is run by Dr A K Sinha who is also the Secretary of the Red Plus Society which has its registered office and Home unit 1 at 22 Bagha Jatin Station Road, Kolkata. The Society has very dedicated members who spend a lot of time with the children and give them all the affection and care that all children need. They educate the children and also hone their talents.The children are also put for adoption. Regular health checkups are also done so that the children do not suffer from any problems, mental or physical. The Red Plus Society has another setup for boys at a different location and in the near future will be setting up a new home with all facilities for children at Subhash Gram, Sonarpur where they have recently acquired some land.
For more information, do visit their website and support this social cause.

3rd September 2015
Prabartak Samgha Home, Salt Lake.

A combined charity program for the months of July and September was held on Sept.3, 2015 at Prabartak Samgha Home in Salt lake. A Mixer- Grinder and food items like Rice, Lentils, Soya nuggets, Mustard Oil, Biscuits etc. amounting to a month's grocery were donated by Ladies of the Club under the able leadership of the President of the Club and other committee members. In addition to the food items, all the members of the Club had generously donated clothes for the inmates of the Home which included bed sheets and towels as well as shirts and shorts etc.
Its a home for fifty two mentally challenged boys and girls. They put forward a show of talent wherein artists, singers, musicians and dancers came forward spontaneously and made the afternoon very lively. The inmates were then treated to bananas, snacks, sweets etc which were received with much happiness and appreciation.
In the end they sang "We shall overcome..." We really hope they do!

A Word about the Home

Prabartak Samgha Home, an NGO, was established in 1987 for the Education and Training of orphaned or abandoned mentally challenged children.
The Institution aims at helping the inmates to acquire a worthwhile life and get integrated with the larger society. Training in music, painting and crafts like knitting, needlework, toy making etc. are imparted according to the interests and aptitude of the students. The Institution takes care of medical needs, speech therapy, physiotherapy as well as nutrition and clothing of all its inmates. All economically solvent people and organisations are urged to extend a helping hand to this and such other organisations.

13th August 2015
Donation in the form of "Anna Daanam" is considered the best kind of "Daan".

This time Charity was done closer home. It was sponsored by the President of the Ladies' Club here at Kolkata, Mrs Neelam Agarwal.
A staff of twenty five workers who serve at the Bank House, Kolkata were served lunch, personally, by Mrs Agarwal, at her house, on August 13. Subsequently, 125 kilos of Rice was gifted to the workers of Bank House. Each of them got 5 kilos of Rice.

17th June 2015
Tree plantation at the SSKM Hospital, Kolkata

World Environment Day is celebrated on the 5th of June to understand the threats to the environment and to deliberate and contemplate on ways and means to reaffirm our commitment to our environment. In keeping with this, The members of The SBI Ladies Club Kolkata, undertook a tree plantation drive at the SSKM Government Hospital. Ten trees, that included mahogany, silk cotton and gulmohar were planted by the President, Mrs Neelam Agarwal and the members of the Ladies Club, in the presence of the Director, Asst Director and the Superintendent of the hospital. The authorities expressed their thanks and their appreciation of the initiative. This was followed by a visit to the Woodburn Ward of the Heritage building of the hospital to see the upkeep and maintenance of the wards. The hospital authorities were asked to approach State Bank Of India and the Ladies Club with concrete proposals for the maintenance and other issues, so that efforts can be made to alleviate the problems on a long term basis.

21st May 2015
Chairperson's visit to NAVANIR

As a part of the Annual Charity programme undertaken by SBI Ladies Club Kolkata, together with the CSR Initiatives of the bank, our Chairperson, Mrs Arundhati Bhattacharya, went to the old age home for ladies at Tollygunge, Navanir, that has already been taken under their wings. She was accompanied by the CGM, Kolkata Circle Mr Prashant Kumar and his wife and the President of the Ladies Club Mrs Neelam Agarwal. The State Bank of India Kolkata circle graciously funded and executed in a limited time the renovation of a wing of the old age home. A hall was completely redesigned to make way for a modern, well lit and organized kitchen with a dining area that included moulded tables and chairs that could seat 25 people at the same time. Additional rooms and bathrooms and toilets were also a part of the remodeling. The Ladies Club provided the home with dry food items and other necessities. Club members also initiated a small effort to help some ladies economically by buying handcrafted items from them.
Chairperson SBI Mrs Aundhati Bhattacharya, speaking in Bangla, reached out to the members and the officials of the Women's Coordinating Council, praising them for the great initiative and effort in the times of "Album Families ".... She also emphasized that Charity with a long term perspective is what SBI is looking for now.... to give back to the people who have helped to make it the largest bank. After the formal programme Mrs Bhattacharya interacted with the ladies and answered their queries. It was a heartwarming and fulfilling activity where all returned with the blessings and good wishes of the elderly.

21st April 2015

Again, a visit to Navanir was undertaken by Vandana Sahay and Rajeswari Chandrashekhar. On this day too yoga session was conducted with a small talk on home remedies that the ladies also happily contributed to. Two fun games were played and prizes were distributed. These visits are much appreciated by the old ladies at Navanir.

4th April 2015

Vandana Sahay and Nibha Mahapatra, members of the club paid a follow up visit to the old age home Navanir. Encouraged by our President Mrs Neelam Agarwal, they conducted a yoga workshop, listened to their old age health issues and generally gave them company. The ladies of the home asked for more interactions as they loved the humane touch and warmth of the Club members company.

10th March 2015

Navanir.....the name implies a new home. It is an old age home run by the trustees of an organization called Women`s Coordinating Council. Two dynamic ladies, Ms Subhadra and Ms Sharmistha look after and manage the affairs at this home that houses 48 women (mostly senior citizens). Mrs. Neelam Agarwal, President, led the members of the Ladies Club on a visit to Navanir. Immense grace and courage, happiness and enthusiasm was seen by the members when they interacted with the ladies. Fans were given for the home and biscuits, milk powder and other dry eatables were given for their use. The ladies of the home put up an impromptu programme comprising of songs, poetry, bhajans and jokes and regaled the members of the club. It was indeed a pleasure and revelation to interact and spend quality time with all the didis there. The Ladies Club also hosted a lovely lunch and served food to all and came back with a heart full of happiness and blessings.

3rd February 2015

'Charity begins at home'...Bearing this in mind a Health Checkup Camp was organized in the premises of the Ronaldshay Road Colony. Two empanelled doctors, Dr R Radhika and Dr P Biswas were requested to conduct the camp. Provisions were made for the housekeeping staff, maids, drivers and their families to receive medical advice from this camp. It started in the afternoon with a general health consultation, a random sugar test and a blood pressure check. For those above 45-50 years of age an ECG was also conducted with a portable ECG machine and medications prescribed. For most of the ladies iron calcium and multivitamins were prescribed. For those who tested positive for diabetes and high blood pressure basic medication with required dietary modifications was explained. This endeavour by the Ladies Club Kolkata was highly appreciated and received an astounding response.

14th January 2015

The members of the ladies club under the guidance of Mrs Neelam Agarwal, President , decided to take the workers at the Ronaldshay Road colony as a part of their efforts to make the festival of Sankranti a more inclusive and happy affair. Every housekeeper and maid was provided with a kilogram of rice and half a kilogram of moong dal as these are the key ingredients that go into the preparation of the khichdi prasad. It was an immensely satisfying experience to help all those people who help us on an everyday basis. A similar initiative was undertaken by the members of the sister clubs at Convent Road and Salt Lake.


Charity events by SBI Ladies Club Bengal Circle - 2014



The Ladies Cub Kolkata, under the patronage of its President, Ms Neelam Agarwal, organised a Christmas celebration with a group of 21 under privileged children from The Indian Health and Welfare Mission, Bijoygarh, Kolkata, in the sprawling lawns of the SBI Colony at Ronaldshay Road. It started with a joyride in a car in the morning followed by many games, fun filled activities, quiz and talent time by the children. The ladies joined the fun and games and made the day memorable for the kids. Lots of prizes for the games and gift hampers and a cake cutting ceremony by the kids made Christmas a day of loving and giving joy to others.

MAY 2014

Donated a cheque of Rs.35000/- to Mother Teressa Nirmal Shishu Sadan.

MARCH 2014

Donated 100kg rice, 25kg masoor dal, 22kg matar dal, 20kg mustard oil, 30kg sugar, 10pkt salt worth Rs 10000/- at Adyapeeth Kali Mandir.


The Salt Lake sub club donated Horlicks, soyabean chunks, tooth paste, tooth brush, soap, shampoo, mugs, jug, plastic sheets worth Rs.6000/- at Provortak Mentally Retarded Sangha.


Donation of baby blankets, bedsheet rolls, baby formula – Lactogen, Horlicks, biscuits and snacks worth Rs. 20,000 was given to Mother Teresa’s Nirmal Shishu Sadan.



Charity events by SBI Ladies Club Bengal Circle - 2013



The Convent Road sub club, donated fruits and sweets worth Rs. 3000 to Thallesimia and AIDS patients at the school of Tropical Medicine.

JULY 2013

  • Rs 15,000 was sent to the Chief Minister's Relief Fund, Dehradun, for the rehabilitation of the people of Uttarakhand affected by the Nature's fury.
  • Old clothes collected by the members of the Ladies Club were donated to the Ramkrishna Sharada Mission
  • JUNE 2013

    With the onset of the rainy season, umbrellas were distributed to all the helpers (sub-staff) in the various State Bank colonies.

    MAY 2013

    Members of the Ladies Club along with dignitaries from Mumbai, Mrs. Kakoli Chaudhuri, Mrs. Srimati Krishna Kumar, Mrs. Nisha Contractor, Mrs, Ujjwala Mishra, Mrs. Dolly Acharya, Mrs. Anju Saraf, Mrs. Niyati Joshi, Mrs. Meenakshi Kujur, Mrs. Ratna Kartikeyan, visited Mother Teresa's NIRMAL HRIDAY, which is a home of many dying people abandoned on the streets of Kolkata.

    95 packets (for each inmate) each containing a sheet, a towel and some necessary toiletries were distributed along with 25 kgs of rice, 10 kgs of tea leaves, 10 kgs of Horlicks, 10 kgs of sugar, Phenyl bottles and detergent powder.

    FEBRUARY 2013

    A cheque of Rs.10,000 was given to the All Bengal Women's Union, which has a long history of providing support to destitute and exploited women and children. This charitable home also takes in girls who have been through police courts as a result of sex trafficking or domestic slavery.