Activities in the Year 2018

10th August 2018
Meeting on Teej and Independence Day

The theme of the meeting was Teej and Independence Day...
A decorated swing... Couples gallery... Ladies bedecked in all their finery... Smiling faces... Song and dance... And a puchka break... That sums up the August meeting...
With Priti Jaiswal Secretary at the helm and supported by Jayashree Raut and Kada Sobha... You can be sure that the program will be Excellent and a resounding success.
Once again Smt Sharmishtha Sengupta President has been crowned Queen of Queens... A step higher that the Queen of Hearts award she was awarded last Teej...
Jayashree Raut as narrator kept all members engrossed as she recounted stories from mythology and also from recent times .. I must say that our hosts have certainly set a high benchmark in presentation...
I must also add that a new member joined the club ... Mrs Nafisa Ahmad who was previously a member of the Convent Road Mini Club.

13th July 2018
Visit of Smt Reeta Aggarwal, wife of Shri Rajneesh Kumar Chairman, State Bank Group

Our Club had the privilege of hosting Respected Smt Reeta Aggarwal at Ronald Shay Alipore on 13th July.
The program started with lunch. A cultural program had been arranged by the members.
The first to perform was Smt Protima Roy who sang two bhajans ...a Meera Bhajan and one by Surdas.
This was followed by a skit on the same theme....that is... The Lord takes care of his true devotees... A beautifully decorated Rath of Lord Jagannath was then pulled by Smt Reeta Aggarwal and Smt Sarmishtha Sengupta.
Thus respected Ma'am was given a glimpse of the great festival of Odisha which also celebrated with equal fervour in Bengal.

The program recommenced with another Meera bhajan...Ram ratan dhan payo sung by Smt Anuradha De.
Then there was a change in flavour with a folk song from UP... This drew laughs from our distinguished guest...
The Salt Lake Mini Club members had also been invited to perform... Their dance drama Nari Nahin, Main Shakti Hoon was highly appreciated by Ma'am.
The warmth that Maam showered on the members and her appreciation and encouragement energised the participants as well as the other members..
Throughout the preparations our President Ma'am gave valuable inputs ... Her total involvement and attention to detail is the reason that success of her project is assured.

4th July 2018
Meeting - Rath Yatra

Rath Yatra of Lord Jagannath was the theme of this month's meeting hosted by
Dipika Paul, Sadhana Choudhary and Ruby Chakravarti.
The meeting started with Sadhana describing the significance of the Rath Yatra ...
Followed by a song by Kumkum Das...
This was followed by a skit ...
About how true devotees and their welfare are looked after by the Lord himself...
The hosts had organised two games and of course housie was played at he end of the meeting...
Our President Mrs Sarmishtha Sengupta appointed a new Treasurer ..W.Prafulla as the present Treasurer is leaving the Club.
This meeting saw two new members join the Club ...
Jhuma Ray and Jayashree Raut.
Four members were given a farewell...
Pushpita Mahapatra
Kalpana Misra
Seema Kumari
Deepa Bodas
Kalpana Misra was given an informal farewell before the meeting. Deepa Bodas had already left before a farewell could be given.
There were emotional moments when Seema ji
finished her speech...
Tranfers and subsequent parting of friends is a part of our life...
And we live in the hope of reuniting with old friends and making new ones!
All the very best dear friends...
We will miss you.

1st July 2018
Bank Day Celebration

Good morning friends...
Bank Day celebrations at Uttam Manch showcasing In House talent showed there is no dearth of talent in SBI family members aka staff.
The Cultural evening was a wonderful event...
Each program was better than best...

Having said that I would like to say that Ladies Club Kolkata put up a splendid show ...
With Sharmishtha Sengupta President leading from the front our program was bound to be a success.
SBI Ladies Club Kolkata presented Rabindra Sangeet...
They sang in Hindi also so that non Bengali guests could get the gist of the lyrics...
This was a thoughtful gesture on the part of the singers..
its impact was that Rabindra Sangeet is now our Sangeet as well.
Along with President Ma'am, Anuradha De , Shahana Ghosh, Dipa Dutta, and Kumkum Das soulfully rendered their choice of songs... Mesmerising the audience.
Following the Rabindra Sangeet the ladies of our Mini Club at Salt Lake presented a Dance drama. The theme was Nari Nahin Main Shakti hoon...
The dancers, music.,visual effects, in short the whole program made a wonderful impact...
The five participants, Sangita Biswas, Ekta Pant Tiwari, Priyanka Bharati, Archana Prasad and Moni Samanta, of whom only two are trained dancers performed with grace and energy... And upheld the dignity of the Ladies Club Banner...

Bravo Singers

Bravo Dancers..

May we go from strength to strength
Special mention must be made of W Prafulla who compered our program ...
With Kumkum Das for the Rabindra Sangeet ...
Prafulla set the tone for each succeeding song of the dance drama as she read out verses to indicate to the audience what was to follow....
This may seem easy but she had only a few seconds between each song...
Yet she was flawless...
Thank you Prafulla.
Last but certainly not the least...
I must mention Mrs Priti Jaiswal, Secretary who worked tirelessly to give logistical support at the time of practice.
My special thanks to her daughter Harshita Jaiswal for getting Dance Drama music on pen drive in a matter of minutes...
Thus ensuring excellent sound quality.
Once again we have proved that SB Ladies Club Kolkata can always rise to the occasion and do a great job!

6th June 2018
Celebration Environment Day and Yoga Day

State Bank Ladies Club Kolkata held its meeting this afternoon. The hosts were Jayashree Ganguly, Pratima Roy and Pratima Das.
The themes for the meeting were Environment Day and Yoga Day.
There hosts started their program with a song sung by Pratima Roy and Jayashree Ganguly. Jayashree di also recited a poem by Gurudev Tagore.
After this Pratima Das spoke about Yoga and how it has become even more relevant in our times... Shipra Mohanty demonstrated the Surya Namaskar which is a full body workout.
For those who cannot do this exercise Shipra also demonstrated Surya Namaskar which can be done seated in a chair.
Pratima then spoke on the importance of Environment Day.
This was followed by a skit written and directed by Seema Kumar... Entitled... Par Updesh Kushal Bahuterey...
The cultural program was enjoyed by all ladies.
The hosts had arranged two games... One mental one physical.... The members racked their brains for the questionnaire on Environment Day... But both games were enjoyed by the members..
After cutting the quarterly birthday cake the members went out into the garden ... President Smt Sharmishtha Sengupta planted two trees... One ,a Calendra and the second, a Kadipatta tree... These trees are sure to grow and thrive !
After housie and high tea the meeting came to an end.

2nd May 2018
Club Meeting with celebration of birthday of Gautam Buddha and Ravindranath Tagore

The Ladies Club Kolkata held its meeting on 2nd May 2018, which was hosted by Renu Kumar, Anuradha De and Dipa Dutta. At the beginning of the meeting, the members felicitated our President madam, Mrs Sarmishtha Sengupta, by offering a bouquet and best wishes from all, on the elevation of Shri P P Sengupta as the Dy Managing Director of the Bank.

As per the theme of the meeting, the Club commemorated the birthdays of two of India's greatest sons.. Gautam Buddha and Ravindranath Tagore.

Keeping this in mind, a cultural programme was presented.

President Mrs Sarmishtha madam, Kumkum Das, Dipa Dutta and Anuradha De presented Rabindra sangeet... Later on Anuradha De also sang a Bangla song and in the same tune, a hindi song... A very amusing and entertaining contribution....
This was followed by Odia folk dance on the very popular song Rangabati... presented by Shipra Mohanty, Kalpana Misra and Meena Yadav......and also a bengali dance by Soma & Sipra.

A skit was presented on Lord Buddha... Excellent work by Archana Goel and Seema Kumar... This was preceded by an introduction by Renu Kumar....Aapa Deepa Bhava ... This being one of the teachings of the Buddha..

The hosts also arranged for two games and housie..
A new member was added to the ladies club... Mrs. Dipika. Paul. She introduced herself & was welcomed by all.
All this was followed by High tea, Chowmein, Veg manchurian and momos..
Ladies had a wonderful time and the meeting came to an end.

18th April 2018
Celebration of Poila Boishakh

President Smt Sarmishtha Sengupta and co hosts Kumkum Das, Dipa Dutta, Shahana Ghosh and Nilanjana Poddar organised a wonderful evening for Ladies Club members. The theme was Poila Boishak...
Welcome to the Bengali New Year.(18/4/18)

For the non Bengali members it is a glimpse into the culture of the state... The ladies were received by application of tika and sindoor and flowers to wear in the hair.

Eso he Boishak eso eso ( Boishak has come o Boishak has come) a medley of Rabindra sangeet were presented by the hosts... Anuradha di and Pratima di also contributed with solo songs.
Nafisa Ahmad of Convent Road and the members of Salt Lake Mini Club presented a poem and a wonderful dance respectively.

Can Ronald Shay Road ladies be far behind? Prafulla, Shipra and Sobha presented a bengali dance ... Choreographer was Shoma an avid dancer herself!
Games, Housie and then a sumptuous High tea followed.
Mrs Sengupta madam offered a tray with a diya , a box of sweets and a Ganesh idol to each member..
With all the enthusiasm and the festive atmosphere, it was memorable meeting for one and all.
It must also be mentioned that a new Secretary and a Joint Secretary were appointed by President ma'am.
Priti Jaiswal is now Secretary of the Club. Sipra Mohanty is the Joint Secretary.
The outgoing Secretary Mrs. Meenaji, had very ably carried the mantle for about one and a half years. She wished the new office bearers all the very best and assured them of her full cooperation.

27th March 2018
Free Health Check-up Camp

Under the guidance of our President, Mrs.Sarmistha Sengupta madam....the Ladies Club Kolkata organised a free health check up camp for the Housekeeping staff, drivers & support staff of Bank House & Ronaldshay Campus on 27th March 2018. Bank's doctors, Dr. Prabir Biswas & Dr. Radhika provided valuable advice to the participants regarding their health issues....Blood tests & ECG facilities were provided on the spot and free medicines were also distributed....Free eye checkup camp was simultaneously held by Lawrence & Mayo during which scientific eye testing was done and glasses & frames were offered at discounted prices.

Both the camps received a fabulous response, in keeping with the well established traditions of Ladies Club Kolkata, where continues efforts are made to discover the joy of giving.....

15th March 2018
Celebration of Holi

The three hosts - Archanaji, Seemaji and Chetanaji made the afternoon colourful and cheerful for all the participants. The rangoli at the entrance of the hall created the mood right from the beginning....

To create the right backdrop for the day, the hosts had set miniature idol of Lord Krishna sitting on a swing, colourful pichkaaris, balloons and flowers decorations on the mantle.

Ladies Club President Mrs Sarmishtha mam, lit the oil lamp, threw colour on the Lord Krishna and the members threw flower petals on one another.

Programs began with a folk song sung by the hosts for holi.
The hosts had taken pains to give each member a "Title" written on a card given to each member. The songs were befitting to the style of that member.
Seema & Archana ji gave a wonderful dance performance of Radha and Krishna, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all.
Two small one minute interesting games were chosen by the hosts. Winner prizes for the same were given by madam.

Thought of the day was given by Chetnaji .....story of king Hiranayakashyap and his son Pralhad was narrated. Thereby summerising how good prevails over evil.
Birthday cake was cut for those whose birthday falls in the months of Jan, Feb and March.
The meeting came to the end with high tea & a game of housie.

7th February 2018
Celebration of Valentine's Day and Mahashivratri

The Meeting of Ladies Club Kolkata was held on 7/2/18,
The theme was Valentine's Day and Mahashivratri..
The three hosts of the meeting 1) Pushpita M 2)Kalpana M 3)Jaya B had decorated the hall to match the theme.
The meeting started with prayer and invocation of blessings from Lord Shiva.??
Each member of the club was welcomed by the hosts by tying a rudraksha band on the wrist.
The hosts had prepared 3 theme based games in which the ladies whole heartedly participated.
There were prizes for the games,which gave the members the incentive to compete...
Mrs. Seema Kumari ...our treasurer read out the statement of deposits and expenses in the Club's account
A new member was added to the club... Mrs. Renu Kumar. We gave her warm welcome.
The hosts had ordered a delicious high tea for the members.
The meeting came to an end after a game of Housie..

11th January 2018
Activity Meeting at Diamond Harbour

This months meeting was held at Hotel Punnya Lakhsmi, Diamond harbour. The SBI Club ladies were all set to enjoy the day(11/01/2018). The venue selected by president madam was apt as it provided the right environment.

The four hosts of the meeting - 1)Purnima Bose, 2) Deepa Bodas, 3) Sonalisa Nag, 4) Anju Aggarwa had lined up a series of games for the occasion.
Theme was Sports Day.
On the way to the venue (in the bus) fun housie & a paper craft game were played. Apart from this antakshini songs were sung.
After reachnig & having a quick breakfast...out door games were held.

Ladies enthusiastically took part in all the games...with a true spirit of winning.
(1.weaving pea garland race 2.relay race 3.spoon & marble race) Were played.
There were prizes for games. After lunch relaxing games ...1.passing the parcel 2.Musical chair writing names Were there inputs,enjoying, anxiousness...all was on. President madam gave away gifts to all the winners of the games.
As the evening came, time to leave after tea session.
Headed towards the bus. The day was fully packed with activity.....
Taking home the days beautiful memories.
Along with all the fun we had also to bid farewell to Mrs. Purnima Bose With a heavy heart...we wish her all the best.

Activities in the Year 2017

13th December 2017
Celebration of Christmas and New Year

The Ladies Club Kolkata celebrated Christmas & New Year at the monthly meeting on 13/12/17.
A Christmas tree decked up in all its finery welcomed all at the entrance. The Community Hall which is the venue of the meeting was also decorated keeping the theme in mind.
After the prayer, the three hosts, Mrs. Meena. Y, Mrs. Malini. B & Sipra. M. started the meeting. Mrs. Sipra gave us some useful cookery tips and Mrs. Malini read the thought of the day.
Efforts were made by the hosts to keep the ladies entertained with two games with imaginative twists. All ladies enjoyed the games.
Housie was played towards the end of the meeting.
Prizes were distributed to the winners.
Santa's helper ...Sipra disguised as one... rewarded the members for their good deeds of Charity by distributing chocolates..
The Quarterly birthday cake was cut by all ladies who celebrated their birthdays in the quarter ending December 17.
The Meeting ended with sumptious high tea.
All in all a lot of fun filled evening..
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all from State Bank Ladies Club Kolkata...

8th November 2017
Happy Children's Day

This month's meeting was held on the 8th of November. hosts of the meeting were... Vanaja S. Prafulla W and Shoma M. The theme was a mix of spirituality and enjoyment.
The hosts presented a skit ... The 10 disciples of Paramanand.
This was followed by a game consisting of a series of questions on a 100 rupee note.
Shoma gave good tips for healthcare and Prafulla gave a thought for the day. A very useful and simple cookery tip was shared by Prafulla.
Housie was played.... A delicious high tea had been ordered by the three hosts... And included a Mithai ... A treat from President ma'am as her birthday falls on the 19th of this month. A very good time was had by all...
Ladies Club Kolkata had two new entrants.. Jaya Bhatnagar and Shipra Mohanty... We welcomed them.

11th October 2017
Diwali celebrations & Gandhi Jayanti

The club meeting for the month of October was held on 11th. The hosts of the meeting were Mrs Meena.panpalia, Mrs Anuradha De, Mrs Pratima Das & Mrs K Shobha.
We had Diwali celebrations as Diwali festival falls in the month.The hosts accordingly arranged for the decorations, Rangolis and Dias. Ladies were all dressed in traditional attire.
On this occasion, one of the hosts, Anuradha di sang a lovely Bengli song. A very funny skit was performed by enthusiastic members.
A game was arranged by the hosts & also housie.
At the meeting new joint secretary was announced as Mrs. Preeti Jaiswal, and also new treasurer as Mrs Seema Kumar.
Mrs. Madhuri Ravi, Mrs. Meena Panpalila & Mrs. Asha Mishra, were given send-off, we all wished them best for their future endeavors.
Meeting ended with high tea. Also gifts were distributed to members by the President, Mrs. Sarmista. Sengupta on occasion of Diwali.

8th September 2017
Durga Pooja at the club

The club meeting for the month of September was held on 8th & the hosts were Mrs. Dipa Dutt, Mrs. Pratima Roy, Mrs. Puspita Mahapatra & Mrs. Asha Mishra. This is the month of Durga Pooja hence the theme was Pooja celebrations, navratri & the decorations matched the theme. The ladies were all dressed in dark colored sarees.
Bhajans were sung on this occasion by Dipa di, Pratima di, Kumkum di & Suhana di. A v. Funny skit was performed by Meena panpalia, Seema kumar, Chetana Shrivastav & Asha Mishra. Followed by a game.
Mrs.Vandana sahay & Mrs. Madhu Kataria left the club on transfer. We all wished them best for their future endeavors. A new member was welcomed to the club, Mrs. Vanaja shivkumar.
The meeting ended with high tea & prize distribution for games, return gifts by parting members.

9th August 2017
Sab Rang at the Club

The club meeting for the month of August was held on the 9th of this month and the hosts were Mrs Poonam Tiwari, Mrs Preeti Jaiswal and Mrs Chetna Srivastava.

Being the month with many festivals the celebrations got the name of "Sab Rang" It had a touch of the Independence Day , Janamashtami, the Ganesh Chaturthi and the decorations also matched with the diverse theme. The ladies dressed up in colours of the flag.

There were songs , bhajans, funny skit and fun filled activity games. Along with all this there was a brief session on acupressure points and its advantages that was conducted by Mrs Meena Yadav which will be very useful for all who follow it.

Mrs Poonam Tiwari left the Kolkata club as her husband joined the Patna circle as the CGM. Madam was given a very warm farewell by the members of the Club. We wish her a very successful and pleasant stay at Patna.

The meeting ended with Hi Tea and prize distribution for the games and return gifts and sweets from Mrs Seema Das on the occasion of the birth of her grand son.

19th July 2017
Hariyali Teej at the Club

Teej was celebrated at the Ladies Club in Kolkata at the Bank House with members of all the sister clubs attending the meeting. It has become an annual feature now. This is the only time when all sister clubs have a common meeting and we have this meet at the residence of the President of the Ladies Club here.

The ladies were dressed in traditional attire and very bright reds and greens. All had put mehndi on their palms and were wearing the best of jewellery and accessories at their disposal.
The program began with the address of the President of the Club Mrs Sarmistha Sengupta welcoming the members to her home and to the special celebrations to be held. A bhajan began the cultural program and was sung by Pratima Ray. This was followed by a description of the Rath yatra held at Puri, The Rajasthani Ghoomar dance was presented by the ladies of the Alipore Club. This dance was done in the traditional Rajasthani style by four ladies( Meena Yadav, Vandana Sahay, Meena Panpalia and Madhu Kataria) to mark the Teej celebrations. There was a medley of Bengali and Hindi songs by Anuradha Dey, Sahana Ghosh, Kumkum Das and Seema Das with the theme being the rainy season.
The Salt lake group presented a dance based on songs of rain. Nafisa Ahmed recited two poems written by her. This was the representation from the Convent road club.
There was a surprise awaiting all before the day got over. The Teej queen contest! All the ladies were prepared for this contest but, it was announced that all are the queens this time! there were Tiaras for all the ladies and followed the photo session at the swing and refreshments. Thus the big day came to an end.

1st July 2017
Bank Day Celebrations at Kolkata

A delightful and entertaining cultural evening marked the 62nd Foundation day celebrations at Kala Mandir Kolkata on July 1, 2017.
After the ceremonial lighting of the lamp by the Circle CGM, Shri PP Sengupta, a short film was shown on the Conrtibutions of the State Bank in Digitizing India.
The evening showcased in house talent and some local artists too. Ladies of the SBI ladies club, under the creative guidance of our President, Mrs Sarmistha Sengupta presented Riturongo of Poet Rabindranath Tagore. Ladies danced to songs of all the six seasons sung live by members of the club.
The boys of Behala blind school presented a Tabla Lahara and then there were solo performances by Sayanti Das, Mekhla Dasgupta and Protik Choudhury. The photos will tell the rest of the tale.

21st June 2017
Environment Day celebrated

Environment and Yoga were the twin themes of this month's Club meeting.
As part of the plantation drive, Our President , Mrs Sarmistha Sengupta, Planted saplings in the Alipore campus garden.
Yoga demonstration and tips was given to the members by Mrs Archana Goel.
Quarterly birthday celebration was done with the cutting of the cake at the meeting.
The hosts of the day were Mrs Malini Bhardwaj, Mrs Madhuri Ravi and Mrs Deepa Bodas. They had organised games that were brain teasers and enjoyed by all members. The meeting ended with a sumptuous hi-tea.

12th May 2017
Rabindra Jayanti and Buddha Purnima celebrated

This month, it was dual celebration time.
There was Rabindra Sangeet, nritya, poetry recitation of Gurudev's compositions.Coupled with all this was messages from the Buddha in the form of a skit and the thought of the day.
Beautiful decorations and brisk presentation of all the items made the evening pass by very swiftly. The games and the Hi Tea were also enjoyed immensely by all.
The hosts were Mrs Jayasree Ganguly, Mrs Archana Goel and Mrs Seema Kumar.
Mrs Mamta Mohanti was given farewell from our club as her husband would now be moving to Hyderabad. We wish her good times in their next place of posting.

19th April 2017
Poila Boishakh Celebrated

The new year was ushered in with the traditional gaiety. The festive atmosphere was unparalleled with the decoration of flowers, alpona and welcome of the members with chandan tika and more flowers.
Because of the thoughtful and dynamic enthusiasm of our President Mrs Sarmistha Sengupta, all members from different parts of the country got a feel of the Bengali new year celebrations. The 'shagun thali' was gifted to all by Mrs Sengupta. Then there was another annual gift for all members. There was Rabindra Sangeet and nritya and games and typical Bengali cuisine for Hi Tea. With cameras clicking all the way, fine memories of this memorable day will stay in the minds of all present there.
Hosts of this month's meeting were Mrs Sarmistha Sengupta, Mrs Kumkum Das and Mrs Seema Das.

22nd March 2017
Holi Milan at the Club

Clad in bright colours, ladies celebrated Holi once again in the club on March 22nd.

All enjoyed the folk song from Uttarakhand which added a touch of tradition to the celebrations, and was sung by Mrs Poonam Tiwari, Sr V President of the club. This was followed by a Bengali song by Mrs Pratima Roy. The mood was lightened by a dance on a popular Holi number from Bollywood by Soma Mukherjee and Vandana Sahay.
There was more fun and frolic by way of games for the ladies and tasty food.
Quaterly birthday celebrations were also part of this meeting where a chocolate cake was jointly cut and enjoyed!

7th February 2017
Annual Picnic

It was the day of outing for the ladies. Away at the Vedic Village for the whole day. In the lap of nature the ladies got some time to relax and enjoy a day away from domestic responsibilities.
The arrangements for food and games were closely supervised by the President of the Club, Mrs. Sarmistha Sengupta.
The hosts of the day were Sarita Sinha, Madhu Kataria and Sonalisa Nag.
The Secretary, Mrs Meena Yadav read the minutes of the last meeting. The date and hosts of the next meeting were decided.
Songs and games and food and photo shoots were interspersed with fun and laughter all day long.
Mrs Sarita Sinha bid farewell to the Club members as her husband retired in January 2017. She was handed a farewell gift on behalf of the Club by Mrs Sengupta and Mrs Sinha too gave al the members a parting gift.
At night fall the ladies packed their bags and took the bus ride back home.

11th January 2017
New Year and Makar Sankranti Celebrations at the Club

The Ladies Club Kolkata held its first meeting of 2017 on 11th January. The theme of the meeting was New Year and Sankranti.
The hosts were W. Prafulla, Mamta Mohanti and Niva Mohapatra.
The meeting commenced with the minutes of the previous meeting read out by the Secretary. The new member, Mrs Chetna Srivastava was welcomed into the group.
The hosts had lined up a programme of songs and very interesting games.
Mrs Sonali Sikdar, Secretary of the Salt lake mini club was hospitalized following cerebral stroke. The members were updated about her condition and the prompt manner in which our President Mrs Sarmistha Sengupta had reached out to the family members was greatly appreciated by all.
The hosts had ordered a special Hi Tea for all the members. All in all the members had a good time.

Activities in the Year 2016

21st December 2016
Christmas Celebrations at the Club

With the nip in the Kolkata air and the beautifully decorated Christmas tree at 4 Ronaldshay, the mood was all set for celebration of the Christmas season.

A lot of fun and frolic was in store for all at the club meeting with Christmas carols, dance on 'season of bells' and games with prizes for all ! Then there was Christmas cake, the quarterly birthday celebration cake, lots of sweets and tasty snacks!

New Committee members were announced by the President of the Club, Mrs Sarmistha Sengupta.
The new office bearers are as follows:
Mrs Meena Yadav - Secretary
Mrs Vandana Sahay - Jt. Secretary
Mrs Meena Panpalia - Treasurer
Mrs Soma Mukherjee - Jt Treasurer

The changes in the rules and decisions regarding the working of the club were explained by Mrs Meena Yadav, the New Secretary. The Minutes of the last meeting were also read out. The future of charity work to be done by the Club was discussed.
Two new members joined the Club this month. Mrs Deepa Bodas and Mrs Seema Kumar. A warm welcome was extended to them.
Success to the Ladies' club in the new year!

16th November 2016
Diwali celebrations at the Club

Diwali at the Club was a very happy affair. It started with the traditional arti and the entertainment in the form of poem, deep dance and a funny modern Ramayan all woven into the theme of Diwali. The activity game added to the enjoyment of all.
The hosts of the meeting were Meena Panpalia, Soma Mukherjee and Shobha Kada.

Two new members joined the club as Vice Presidents, Mrs Sarita Gupta and Mrs Archana Goel.
It was also time to bid farewell to the present Secretary of the club, Chitra Sinha who would be moving to Guwahati very soon. We wish her a happy stay in the beautiful North east.

18th October 2016
Durga Puja at our Club meeting

Formal welcome and joining of the new President of the Club coincided with the Navratri festival at the club meeting this month.

Along with the President, Mrs Sarmistha Sengupta, we have very many new Vice Presidents too. Namely, Mrs Malini Bhardwaj, Mrs Meena Yadav and Mrs Pushpita Mahapatra.

The meeting began with traditional arti of Durga Maa followed by Prasad distriution. Soma Mukherjee performed a piece from the Mahalaya in Shantiniketan style, invoking the goddess Chandi to bring peace and prosperity to our land.
There were games and songs in Bangla and snacks. Minutes of the last meeting were read by the Secretary of the Club and flowers presented to the new President.

Navratri celebrations would have been incomplete without Garba! Beautifully clad ladies of our club danced to the beats of garba.

The Club bid farewell to three of its old members, Mrs Sharmishtha Sanyal, Mrs Roma Pandey and Mrs Anjali Moitra. We wish them all the very best in life ahead!

The hosts of this month's meeting were Mrs Prafulla Rao, Mrs Anuradha Dey, and Deepa Datta.

7th September 2016
Ganesh Puja

The Club meeting was hosted by Mrs Madhuri Ravi, Mrs Anjali Moitra and Mrs Seema Das.

With Ganesh Utsav going on all over the country at present, Our meeting began with the traditional Ganesh arti where modaks were offered to the Lord.
There were games that followed and also a sumptuous lunch was enjoyed by all members.
Soma Mukherjee and Vandana Sahay presented a dance on the song "Deva shree Ganesha..." in the traditional marathi getup which suited the occasion very well.

Three new members joined the club but welcoming them was coupled with bidding farewell to one of the vice Presidents, Mrs Rajeshwari Chandrashekhar. Madam's contribution to the club has been phenomenal. as a silent worker madam has been an iron pillar of the club at Kolkata. Transfers are a part of life here at at SBI and we have learnt to take it in our stride. We wish her the very best in life.

3rd August 2016
Teej Celebrations at the joint club meeting

The hosts of the month were Mrs Poornima Bose, Mrs Sarmishtha Sanyal and Mrs Sarita Sinha.
The Bank house was decorated with flowers etc for the occasion.
This was the month of collective -quarterly birthday celebrations. So a big cake was cut by all members who had their birthdays in the last three months. Soon after that it was enjoyed by all. The traditional Kajari was sung by the ladies from Ronaldshay to mark the Saawan season. This did set the mood for the day. There were lots of cultural programs that followed from Bangla songs on the rainy season to Rajasthani dances and comedy skits. After the lunch break, the Teej queen contest was conducted by Mrs Daisy Bhatiya and judjed by Mrs Neelam Agarwal, Mrs Raji Chandrashekhar and Mrs Poonam Tiwari. There was much excitement among members and the different rounds of the contest were very interesting. Mrs Soma Mukherjee was adjudjed the Teej queen of 2016. Mrs W. Prafulla was the first runner up and the second runner up was Mrs Shweta Bhadani.
There was much fun and frolic. Teej gifts were presented to all members.
The day's business was wrapped up with bidding a tearful farewell to the President of the Club, Mrs Neelam Agarwal. Members of Ronaldshay paid a very creative homage to madam by reminding all of the new changes she had brought to Kolkata Club. Her energy and affectionate support to all members has helped many to open up and get involved in the activities of the club. Special mention needs to be made of the variety of Social work and also cultural activities including celebration of all festivals at the club.
A big thank you to Neelam madam for her leadership.

1st August 2016
Mehndi function at the Bank House

The month of Saawan has begun and in preparation of the Hariyali Teej, the members of the Ladies' Club had gathered at the bank house.
Members of the Club sang "saawan" songs and all got mehndi applied on their hands. The atmosphere was full of happiness cheer and frolic. The President of the Club, Mrs Neelam Agarwal gifted symbols of "suhaag" like bindi and bangles to all. The hostess, Neelam Madam had arranged thandai, sweets and phalahari refreshments for all as it was a "Saawan Somwaar". Ladies danced and sang and laughed through the afternoon.

13th July 2016
Rath yatra celebrations at the Club

This month's meeting was hosted by Nibha Mahapatra, Madhu Kataria and Vandana Sahay. The theme of this month's meeting was Rath Yatra of Lord Jagannath. Puja was done in the traditional style with Prasad of Khaja and charanamrit. The Rath was decorated and taken around to replicate the real Rath Yatra. A bhajan was sung in Oriya by members of the Club to give all the feel of the actual event.
Then some members danced to the Hanumaan Chalisa sung by Amitabh Bachchan.
For fun, some games were conducted and then for some more fun, a story adorned with film songs was presented by the hosts.
Lunch was tasty and every body got a treat for Mr Pandey's promotion and Prafulla's son's wedding.
The day ended with planning for yet another gala celebration of Teej next month.

18th June 2016
Environment day celebrations

The theme of this month's meeting was Environment and under the dynamic leadership of the President of Ladies' club Kolkata, trees had been planted earlier in the month in the Calcutta Medical College Hospital.
The hosts of this month were Mrs Neelam Agarwal, Mrs Raji Chandrashekhar and Mrs Poonam Tiwari.
Beautiful floral rangolis welcomed all members and then all members were presented with Gajaras (wrist bands).
The club members rededicated themselves to the cause of the environment with the four R s- Reuse, recycle, reduce and restore.
The president of the club, Mrs Neelam Agarwal, gave a very enlightening and inspirational talk on online trading, encouraging the ladies to venture in this new field. This was followed by a presentation by personnel from SBICAP Securities Ltd. This was coupled with another presentation on General banking and net banking which would be handy for online trading work. The games organised were very interesting, one nature based and the other song based. The Rajasthani cusine for lunch was very special and unique and the parting gift of a Tulsi plant for each member was the best way to wrap up the proceedings of the day!

11th May 2016
Seminar on care for the elderly

The Club meeting for May 2016 was hosted by Kalpana Mishra, Mamta Mohanty and Asha Mishra.
The first Geriatrician of Kolkata, Dr Kaushik Majumdar who has trained in the U.K. conducted a seminar problems related with old age and elderly care. Early detection of such problems makes the treatment easy and fast. Along with the Doctor works a team of 35 to 40 Physiotherapists, Speech therapists, Cognitive therapists, Medical technicians, Social workers nurses etc. The assistants also talked about different aspects of their work like pre and post retirement counselling and the Medical technician demonstrated a rare German Machine that is used for rehabilitation and treatment of paralysis patients. Stroke, Dementia and Parkinsons etc. are the field of super speciality of Dr Majumdar who has been recently awarded FRCP ( London) for his contribution to Geriatrics in Eastern India.
The seminar was found very useful and informative and was made possible by the vision and foresight of our President, Mrs Neelam Agarwal.
The Seminar began with welcoming the guests by presenting them with floral bouquets and ended with snacks and tea. After the Seminar ended, the ladies enjoyed some more with a round of Tambola and finalised the workshop on the theme of "Best out of waste" to be organised next month.

20th April 2016
Poila Baishak Celebrations

The Bengali New Year was celebrated in traditional style at the Ladies' Club, Kolkata.
The hosts for this club meeting were Jayshree Ganguly, Kumkum Das and Sahana Ghosh.
All members dressed in the typical Bengali puja attire of white saree with red border.
The Conch was blown which denotes the auspicious sound of "Om" to usher in the New year and also to begin the festivities of the day.
Rabindra Sangeet ruled all the way. There were songs, poem recital and dance all based on Gurudev's creations. Again, a medley of Tagore's songs that have inspired Hindi songs were presented and greatly enjoyed by all.
There was the quaterly birthday celebrations with the cutting of the cake, Lunch, Sapan Da, the photographer's retirement treat and another birthday treat by Poonam madam. All in all a great day to begin the new year at the ladies' club here.

4th April 2016
Bondhur Milan

The SBI Ladies' club meeting of the Convent Road Branch was held in the Community hall of the Bank colony there. It was attended by the President of the Kolkata SBI ladies' Club President and other Committee members of the main Club. The new Secretary and Treasurer of the sub Club took charge from the out going office holders.
The meeting was hosted by Sucheta Surin and Nitu Kujur.
A Fancy dress competition for the children of the Bank Colony was organised to increase interaction and participation of the residents of the colony. It did showcase the talent of the mothers as well as the children. Then the star singer of Convent road, Mrs Maya Goswami sang some medolious songs and children were awarded prizes and then the meeting ended with refreshments and tea.

16th March 2016
Holi Celebrations

The hosts of this month's meeting were Roma Pandey, Pratima Roy and Sadhana Chaudhary. The theme of Holi pervaded the activities of the day. Fancy dress competition brought a variety of characters alive. Enthusiastic participation held the audience captive.The modern adaptation of Kanha"s life was a very creative and witty depiction in a skit by the talented ladies.
The games too had been smeared with the colours of holi just like the faces of all the members! Music and dance and a lot of fun was the mark of Holi celebrations at the Kolkata ladies' club. Attractive prizes were given away by the hosts to winners of the games.
We also bade farewell to two of our members Sadhana Mahapatra and Sanjukta Mahapatra. However we have also had new members joining the club in the last few months.

23rd February 2016
Club meeting at Salt Lake

This month the ladies of salt lake had invited the Committee members of the Alipore club over for their meeting.
Lotus being the theme of the day, poetry, songs and dances centered on this and so was the ambience and the dress code. This small but talented group of ladies entertained all with their high spirits, interesting activity games and wrapped up the evening with snacks ad tea. The hosts were Sangita Biswas and Sanjeeta Sinha. The guest members , which included the President of the club, Mrs Neelam Agarwal were offered special hospitality for which they deserve all the applause.

8th February 2016
Picnic Day

The much awaited outing happened finally! before the winter and the picnic season could be over for this year. The destination was : Country Roads Club, Howrah.
Theme for the month being Basant and Valentine, the ladies were clad in reds and yellows. The day started early for the club members who had all assembled at The Bank House, with singing and dancing in the bus journey itself and then some pool side games, followed by more dancing with the DJ and more games. This was interspersed with fabulous food through out the day. Hosts of the day were Chitra Sinha, Anju Agarwal and Ruby Chakraborty. Games and prizes were organised by the hosts while the fun antakshari was organised by Daisy Bhatia.
All in all a memorable day full of fun frolic and food! Thanks to president of the club, Mrs Neelam Agarwal who made it all possible.

29th January 2016
Happy New Year!

The Club meeting for the month of January was held on the lawns of 4 Ronald Shay, Alipore. The hosts were Pamilla Bhatia, Nilanjana Poddar and Sonalisa Nag.

The meeting started with the prayer and a homage to the departed souls. The minutes of the last meeting were read by the Secretary Chitra Sinha and then the fun games began. The outdoor games were much fun. What with the flowers in the garden and the green lawns and cuckoos cooing in the trees above. All had an enjoyable afternoon with tasty food and ended it with plans of yet another picnic !

Activities in the Year 2015

16th December 2015
Thanksgiving Day

The year is coming to an end . It has been a year full of joy , learning, giving and sharing. While having fun, the members also made sure that they took care of their responsibilities towards their society and fellow human beings. This month, the meeting was hosted by Mamta Mohanty, Anjali Moitra, Pratima Roy and Seema Das. The meeting started with prayers and an earnest thanksgiving to the Lord for having kept us all and our families safe throughout the year, especially when the world today is torn by strife and malice. The first part of the day's schedule had a presentation on Vegetable Carving by Anjali Moitra. The one hour session had Anjali demonstrating with finesse and technical expertise how to make tulips, lotuses, leaves, birds out of common vegetables like onions, carrots, radishes, pumpkin skin and tomatoes. Amazing art. Mamta and Pratima regaled the audience with lovely melodies. Interesting games brought the days programme to a close. Post the meeting, our President Mrs Neelam Agarwal thanked all the members of the Ladies Club for having given her their unflinching support and encouragement during the year gone by. She also discussed and finalized some changes in the working and organization of the Club meets. The day ended with the proposal of a picnic at Vedic Village on the 6th of January, which was wholeheartedly welcomed by all the members.

6th November 2015
Diwali celebrations

This month's club meeting was held on November 6. Diwali was celebrated with lighting of diyas and prayers to begin the day. A special cookery competition of traditional and regional dishes was also held. The entries were in three categories - snacks, main course and desserts. Members from Convent road and Salt lake club had also participated and the response was phenomenal. The members were very enthusiastic about making special regional dishes in enough quantity for all to taste and have their fill. It was a great experience and a joy too try out such variety of tasteful dishes from all over the country. Kolkata club has been exemplary in celebrating each festival in the true spirit of national integration. There were dishes from Punjab, Rajasthan, Gujarat, UP, MP, Bengal, Odisha, Andhra and Tamil Nadu.
The games held this time were unique and memorable. Interactive games gave a chance to know other members. Exchange of Diwali gifts was again an interesting concept introduced by our President Mrs Neelam Agarwal.
The day ended with dancing and lots of prizes and diwali gifts in everyone's hands!
The hosts for this month were Mrs Poonam Tiwari, Mrs Seema Datta and Mrs Sadhna Chaudhury.

7th October 2015
Gandhiji Remembered

This month's club meeting had the theme of Gandhi Jayanti and the somber mood was reflected in the dress code of white cottons.
A Yoga Orientation session was conducted by two of our own members for the benefit of all the members of the club.
Roma Pandey and Vandana Sahay were the Yoga instructors for the day. Many yogic aasanas were demonstrated and all members followed in practicing them. Health benefits of each of the postures as well as that of Pranayam were also explained. On the whole, it was received as a very beneficial session by all.
After a sumptuous lunch the hosts of the day, Kumkum Das , Jaishree Ganguly, Deepa Das and Nilanjana Poddar commenced the Program with Gandhiji's favourite Bhajan. Homage was paid to the Father of the Nation. Then started the fun part. A very interesting quiz on films was organised by the hosts and the game of housie was also with a difference.
The day's business ended with plans of the charity program to be conducted next week.

9th September 2015
Ganesh Utsav at Kolkata Ladies' Club

This month's Club meeting was held on September 9 at the Bank House. The President of the Ladies' Club magnanimously volunteered to host the meeting and also arranged a talk by the Head of the Dept. of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Dr Chandrima Dasgupta ,of Medica Superspeciality Hospital, Kolkata. A very informative presentation as well as an interactive session helped the ladies with tips for a healthy way of life.
The hosts of the meeting, Purnima Bose, Sadhana Mahapatra, Kalpana Misra and Sanjukta Mahapatra had decorated Lord Ganesh at the altar as its the month of Ganesh Utsav.
There was a fitting tribute to Dr S Radhakrishnan and Lord Krishna too.
The meeting opened with "Arti' of Lord Ganesh. After the lunch break, there were fun games that made the ladies rake and jolt their brains a bit. Winners of the games won prizes. Plans were finalised for the forthcoming charity program and reports of the previous charities was presented to the House.
The day ended on a happy note as Mrs Neelam Agarwal made the members play an unusual game that made the participants think about who we really are?

19th August 2015
Teej Festival

On August 19, the members of all the three sub clubs of SBI Ladies' club, Kolkata gathered at the Bank House for this month's joint club meeting. Hariyali Teej was celebrated with great zeal. The Bank House was decorated beautifully and elaborately under the guidance of the hostess, Mrs Neelam Agarwal. The festive effect was at its height at the swing! The 'jhoola' was the centre of attraction for this saawan Teej. Teej was celebrated in the true spirit of national unity. Bangla songs on the monsoons by GuruDev RN Tagore to Hindi songs and dances to Rajasthani folk dances marked the diversity of the Cultural Programmes on this day. Not to mention the hilarious skit which had the audience laughing and was thoroughly enjoyed by all as much as the dances. Everyone was dressed in shades of green, bangles, jewellery and matching purses and what have you! All this and many more competitive aspects were the stuff of the Teej Queen contest. The joint meet show cased the talent of the ladies and also gave all a chance to meet and appreciate the others. The day was wrapped up after another round of refreshments and the delicious "Maal puas" and a parting Teej gift for all!

17th August 2015
Mehndi Function

On Teej day, August 17, ladies gathered at the Bank House and also at other locations of the Sister clubs at Convent Road and Salt lake for some fun and frolic. Singing and dancing while mehndi was being applied on the hands of all the ladies.The frevor of the festival was heightened by the company of friends.Enjoyment and relaxation from the daily chores was the much needed aspect of feasting on the occasion of Hariyali Teej. Delicious, traditional pakwaans were enjoyed by all at end of the wonderful day.

22nd July 2015
Initiation of the New Committee

The new members of the Executive Committee took charge and started conducting the business of the Ladies Club from this day onwards. The previous members handed over their responsibilities to the new members with a promise to stand by the new committee and to guide and help as and when the need arises.
The new Executive Committee comprises of the following members :
Mrs Chitra Sinha and Mrs Sonalisa Nag as Secretaries, Mrs W Prafulla and Mrs Anju Agarwal as Treasurers. Mrs Rajeswari Chandrashekhar and Mrs Daisy Bhatia will look after the overall functioning under the guidance of the President, Mrs Neelam Agarwal. Mrs Vandana Sahay will take charge of maintaining the official Ladies Club Website.

22nd July 2015
July being the auspicious month when Lord Jagannath's Rathyatra is celebrated, the hosts Shanta, Sonalisa and Anju, decided to have the entire celebration on a smaller scale at the Club Meeting so that all the members have an idea and feel of the proceedings during the Jaggannath Rathyatra. The venue was suitably decorated with the potraits of Lord Jaggannath, Lord Balabhadra and Goddess Shubhadra. A miniature Rath was pulled after Puja and Aarti. The President, Mrs. Neelam Agarwal, as is the tradition, cleaned the path of the Rath. A paper dance game and a drawing contest depicting one's family were other highlights of the day. The ladies, beautifully attired in orange or yellow sarees, enjoyed the day's celebrations in the true spirit of happiness and worship.

19th June 2015
As the World Environment Day is observed every year on June 5th, the theme for this month's Ladies Club Meeting was 'Environmental Protection'. Hosted by Lalita, Sanghamatrai (Sumi) and Roma, the day began with a rendition of our National Song, Vande Mataram; that glorifies India's natural bounty. The hosts shared easy tips & means to reduce our Carbon footprint and resource wastage. Subsequently, the game of the day was played - which was a twist of the childhood memory game wherein the participants had to identify 20 natural ingredients. This game was won by Chitra Sinha. Further, Kalpana Mishra walked away with the honour of having the most number of natural products as a part of her get-up. The highlight of the program was the initiative taken by the hosts, wherein they got the President, Mrs. Neelam Agarwal to plant an 'Amla' (Indian Gooseberry) Tree as well as a Lemon Tree within the Ronald Shay Campus. The program concluded with a dedication to Dads, on account of Father's Day also being observed in the month of June.

Mismatch Day - 13th May 2015
The theme was "mismatch" and the event was hosted by Deepika, Bhavna and Daisy. The members went all out to keep up with the theme. The ladies turned out in funny, innovative, wacky and experimental get-ups. The day started with members condoling the loss of lives in Nepal due to the earthquake. The function began with the ladies being greeted with pretty looking aubergines and all the events that come in the month of May - Labour Day, Mother's Day and Rabindra Jayanti were celebrated with anecdotes songs and games. The Mismatch Queen contest was won by Mrs Neelam Agarwal, our President who took the mismatch theme to new heights with 19 mismatched items on herself ...a feat indeed!!! The Community Hall was an ideal exposition of the theme.... curtains of all colours, kitchen ware mixed up with high end decor, and wall art made entirely of wrappers of different mismatched products. Creativity at its best!! The day concluded with a sumptuous lunch followed by a translation game and tambola. Fun cheer and laughter were the hallmarks of the day.
On the occasion of Rabindra jayanti, the members of Convent road club donated grocery items to an orphanage, Kolkata Smile Home.

8th April 2015
The auspicious beginning to the Bengali New Year, 'Poila Boishakh', was the theme for the March Ladies Club meet. All the members turned up in beautiful red and white Bengali Saree worn in the traditional way. Shahana, Ruby and Rakhi hosted the event. From the traditional 'alpana' to the 'aam patta shola toran' to Rabindranath Tagore's portrait, the mood was beautifully set for the afternoon. Rabindra Sangeet, Nazrool geeti, and dances formed the crux of the programme. Since the Tamil New Year, 'Varisha Poruppa' and the Punjabi New Year, 'Baisakhi' also fall in the same month, Tamil and Punjabi songs were also performed by some members. The day rounded off with a sumptuous Bengali spread and a game on current affairs.

2nd March 2015
Holi hai! What a day it was! Madhu, Nibha and Vandana made sure that the very colorful venue and Holi music playing in the background set the tone for the day. The members were greeted with gulal, gujhias and thandai. Madhu danced to 'Mohe Panghat Pe Nandlal' and the ladies set the floor on fire, dancing to Holi tunes from Bollywood. A game involving Bollywood Holi numbers, had everyone racking their brains. A colorful, cheerful and fun day indeed.

11th February 2015
From this month onwards, the concept of the three hosts taking over the entire event management for the Club Day was started. February being the month of love, the theme for the Club Day was "Valentine's Day". The hosts Seema, Chitra and Rajeswari greeted all the members with rose buds and chocolates. The entire venue was decorated with red ribbons and balloons and the members dressed in red and pink had a gala time recounting loving and fun moments from their lives, creating jewellery for themselves out of newspaper and singing love songs.

14th January 2015
On the 14th of January, all the members of the Ladies Club, that included the members of the sister club, got together to celebrate Uttarayan and the Annual Sports Day. The Ronaldshay Road colony campus was filled with music, laughter and energetic dancing and games as the ladies celebrated Pongal, Bihu, Sankranti and Lohri in the true spirit of multi-dimensional, cultural heritage of the SBI family and our country. Many sports events were hosted followed by a sumptuous lunch. This event brought the entire Ladies Club Kolkata family together and provided an opportunity to bond and to connect.

Activities in the Year 2014

September 2014
"Vidya Vindate Amritam - Knowledge is Everlasting" : In keeping with the idea and the motto of "The Club With A Conscience", the Ladies Club members actively initiated a drive to collect old textbooks, course books and reference material before the 5th of September. On Teachers Day, a large number of books so collected were sent to the LHO so that they could be dispatched to schools and institutions as per their requirements.

July 2014
On 1st July which also happens to be the State Bank Day, raincoats were distributed to the members of the class 4 staff so that they could get through the impending monsoons with a little more comfort. This initiative by the Ladies Club Kolkata was very well received.

May 2014
Celebrated Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore 154th birth anniversary with Rabindra sangeet, dance and poetry which kept everyone spellbound.

April 2014
Celebrated Bengali New year 'Poila Baisakh', Navratri, Oriya New Year, Tamil New Year, Baisakhi with enchanting Rabindra Sangeet, Oriya song, Tamil song, Devi bhajan and Punjabi dance. Everyone got token gift on the occasion of Poila Baisakh.

March 2014
The club meeting was combined with picnic at cruise from Millineum Park to Bellur Math. We celebrated festival of colours Holi with gulal and holi songs.

January 2014
The New Year was brought in by the club with fun, food and outdoor games.

Activities in the Year 2013

January 2013
The Ladies Club started the year with a bang!!! The members went for a much desired picnic to Barackpore by the Ganges. The bright, sunny, winter day added cheer to the outing. Ladies had fun, food and frolic and spent the day happily away from the mundane responsibilities of the household chores.

February 2013
Saraswati Puja was organized at the State Bank House and the members of the Ladies Club also participated wholeheartedly in the puja. Traditional bhog of ‘Khichdi’ was served to everyone.

March 2013
Holi is the festival of colours and joy, and it was celebrated in its joyful spirit with Holi songs. Members made the atmosphere colourful by smearing each other with gulal. As is customary in many parts of our country, all members got ‘Titles’ on the occassion of Holi to make it more memorable.
The new premise for the Ladies Club was inaugurated.

April 2013
‘Poila Baisakh’, the Bengali New Year falls on 15th April and is celebrated with a great enthusiasm all over West Bengal. Our Ladies Club also celebrated this auspicious day with a small programme of Rabindra Sangeet and a satire on Poila Baishakh.  Ladies dressed up in the traditional white Bengali saree with red border made the occasion more festive. On the same day, we also celebrated Tamil new year, Baisakhi and Navratri with Tamil songs, Punjabi songs and devi bhajans.

May 2013
9th May was the 152nd birth anniversary of Gurudev  Rabindranath Tagore . This day is celebrated as Rabindranath Jayanti in W.Bengal. We remembered Gurudev in our club through his unforgettable Rabindra sangeet and his beautiful poems and an interesting talk on his persona. Tagore’s famous poem ‘Pujarini was recited which kept us spellbound.

22nd & 23rd May 2013

June 2013
The agenda for the June meeting was to discuss the various articles to be submitted by the members of the club for the annual magazine.
Letters have also been sent to the various modules to start preparing for the annual fete.
In keeping with our motto of helping the underprivileged, around 150 umbrellas weredistributed to all our helpers ( sub-staff) in the various State Bank colonies.

July 2013
Two new sub clubs under the aegis of the SBI Ladies Club Kolkata were inaugurated, one at Salt Lake and the other at Convent Road. These clubs will function as per the rules and bye-laws of the main club and will assist the main club in all its major endeavours to aid society. Mrs. Sonalisa Nag and Mrs. Vandana Kandpal have been elected the MENTORS of the Salt Lake Club and Convent Road Club respectively.

August 2013
The festival of "Teej" was celebrated with great enthusiasm by the members of all the three SBI Ladies Clubs in the Bengal circle. Songs and dances were performed and the ladies also sang the traditional "Kajri". The highlight, of course, was the catwalk and the crowning of the "Teej Queen".
It has been decided that the Annual Fete will be held on 21st December 2013 and duties have been assigned.

October 2013
Durga puja was celebrated by the club members in the true festive spirit with everyone dressing up the occasion. All members were also given token gifts.

November 2013
Deepawali festival was celebrated with lights, alpana and sweets.

December 2013
The SBI Ladies Club, Bengal Circle released the fourth edition of its annual magazine Smaranika 2013.
The magazine gives a bird's eye view of West Bengal and its rich cultural heritage.